Monday, 6 February 2012


Well, yes I do act from time to time, but this is by coincidence the mnemonic used by all the volunteers at London 2012 Olympics. It reminds us to be Inspirational, Distinctive (be yourself), Open, Alert, Consistent and Teamwork - y.

I've done loads of training in my career packed full of useless mnemonics which I have forgotten within 5 seconds of leaving the classroom. But there's something about this one that has stuck and I think it actually works - I'm actually feeling quite inspired! Old cynical me!

Yesterday I went to the first session, an Orientation event held at Wembley Arena. I was feeling quite heroic having battled through huge snow drifts of up to 4 inches to get there but this was put in perspective by a lady next to me who had taken an overnight bus from Fife and a guy who'd driven down from Runcorn.

The event was well hosted by Jonathan Edwards but dragged a bit after the propaganda got heavy. I did get to say a cheery hello to my hero Eddie Izzard and he seemed happy enough to reply too. So overall I came away Inspired and looking forward to getting my garish uniform. I look great in Poppy and Mauve!

So if you want to be shown to your seat by someone fully bought in to the London 2012 ideal, best get yourself down to the Handball Arena during the games.