Tuesday, 1 April 2014

My highlights of the week!

It's been a thoroughly satisfying week - all the shows went well and were warmly received. And most importantly it looks like all the casts of all the shows had a totally positive experience! That's the most important thing.

But here are my personal highlights of the week - just things that will stick in my memory...

  • Fixing the toilet seat in the girls' loo at Sandringham. Twice.
  • Looking around at a key point of 'This Is My Elephant' to see 7 grown men weeping (albeit surreptitiously)
  • Frankie's accent in 'T.I.M.E' - beautifully observed, great character
  • Dom's scary and violent husband - took me totally by surprise and genuinely shocking
  • The other side of the coin - poor Megan!
  • Emily and Kieran in the cafe - "Show me."
  • Overall impression at the end of 'T.I.M.E.' that something really powerful and worthwhile had been created
  • Emily as the little old lady in 'Reality Bites' - "Don't leave me!"
  • Rediscovering James Saunders' work - love it!
  • The massive queues outside The SandPit - lovely to have good houses
  • The bling of the foyer, the gold of the stage...
  • The lovely sound of a cello in "Oscars" in 'Falling Slowly'
  • The lighting up sign thing - fab work Rachael!
  • My mispronunciation of 'Best umbrella' during the presentations at the end of 'Oscars'
  • Spooky lighting on the swans
  • The penguins of course! 
  • Generally, the whole 'animated animal casting' scene - that idea has legs I think...
  • Especially the line "please follow the horrific trail of blood to the end of the corridor"
  • Gareth - the human running order (see picture below)
  • Friday yellow's tears as four moved on - seeing them holding hands in the last number
  • Sarah's 'pratfall' 
  • Elola's alien
  • Hertford greenies flying a kite (what a lovely bunch they are)
  • The joy in the Hertford bollywood number
  • The horrendous pain of my knee at the end of the first Oscars show (and the relief that large doses of paracetamol brought)
  • and finally...Louisa's (Freudian?) gaffe at the end of her intro for the Casting Agency scene on Saturday - when you relax too much and you lose concentration for a moment, the subconscious brain kicks in and disastrous things can happen... we did laugh. A lot.

So we move on to Greenwich this Sunday where 'T.I.M.E' is being presented as part of the young peoples festival. And then on Monday the spring holiday courses start. Time for another deep breath...

Tarra till then!