Saturday, 29 March 2014

What an epic!

Wow - 3 hours!?! The longest show we've ever done by a country mile, but the kids were fabulous throughout - patient, well behaved, polite and smiling - a total pleasure to work with.

As were the teachers who did a brilliant job, and the crew of the SandPit who coped admirably with our perhaps less than rigorous preparation.

The day started with us rigging the show and decorating Front of House - it's a bling extravaganza! The tech dress started late and got later. By the time it was supposed to finish we still had about 7 numbers to tech. But we got there in the end and boy it was worth it.

Mid show we decided to change the end so that a reprise of the final number was avoided - it was hot in that theatre and I think the audience had seen enough! Good call I think - we'll do the same tomorrow,

My feet hurt like never before, I can't move my right knee and my back refuses to let me get up. And the clocks go forward tonight.

But one more show to go... and we're sure it'll be a cracker too! What a day...