Thursday, 21 May 2015

"There are hundreds of them"

So yesterday was REALLY exciting as Annette, Jack and I travelled to the National Theatre for a production meeting. Here's Jack outside...

We were met by Rob who runs the Connections programme and Dan our Associate Director and escorted through a very strange series of tunnels under the building to the temporary theatre. There awaiting us was a throng of NT boffins "there are hundreds of them" (well about 30 anyway) representing lights, sound, production, costume and wigs, stage crew, health and safety, marketing, admin etc etc.

They had set up our show on video so that various elements of the staging could be discussed and in a blur of sensible and poignant questions we were welcomed into their fold with care, calmness and total confidence. They just exude the air of 'we know what we're doing, so there's nothing to worry about..."

We were pretty well prepared I think so we were able to move along at a fair old rate. They had 8 such meetings to do that day so we thought we should try and make life as easy as we could for them.

But it was fascinating to understand the levels of detail they explore and the amazing resources they have at their disposal. Surround sound???!!! That was way too cool. But smoke/haze/trucks/stage area - wow. It is another world but one into which we are just thrilled to have a glimpse.

Then contracts were signed, a tart was eaten and we were away...

And then, at THE most inconvenient time,(while we are on the train back stuck in tunnels etc) the embargo was lifted and we were able to tell people the good news. Which we are now doing. Like this.

So today is a blur of Facebook posts, Twitter feeds, and emails to press and the outside world to let them know the good news. And the word is spreading - tickets are going incredibly quickly!