Friday, 23 September 2016

Shy child? "Drop and Go!”

Almost every parent talking to us about their little one joining our First Class theatre group (ages rising 4 to 6) thinks their child is shy. Can I just begin by reassuring you all – wariness of new situations is perfectly normal and even healthy - we feel the same as adults, we just don’t have a parent’s leg to hide behind anymore!

How you deal with this, however, is often the key to how well and how quickly the child integrates into the new environment. We strongly encourage that you ‘drop and go’ as speedily as possible. Any tears are very short-lived and usually for your benefit! In fact we can count on the fingers of one hand the number of times we’ve had to call a parent back over the last 18 years.

If you are feeling worried or insecure about how your child is feeling, this is perfectly normal too, but if you let your own personal feelings on the issue show, the child will pick up on them in a flash and will make sure your leaving is as traumatic as can be. 

First Class is there to help your child build confidence, sociability and concentration whilst having lots and lots of fun! Schools like ours are completely comfortable in helping new children integrate happily and quickly and you can trust us to know the difference between a show of reticence (however Oscar-worthy) and genuine distress. Drop and go (and have a nice cup of tea and a cake). Your child is in First Class hands!

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